Welcome Madeline Stuart: The First Down Syndrome Model Who Lost 55 Pounds And Changed Completely


Welcome Madeline Stuart: The First Down Syndrome Model Who Lost 55 Pounds And Changed Completely



A few years ago, Madeline Stuart’s personality sprouted in the headlines of world’s newspapers and news portals. Sudden glory and fame fell upon the girl after she became the first professional model with Down syndrome.

Публикация от Madeline Stuart Official (@madelinesmodelling_)

Since then, Madeline has acquired her army of admirers, and agencies have showered her with cooperation offers. In 2015, Stuart took part in a show devoted to the Fashion Week in New York, defiled along the runway and amazed everybody with her courage.

Публикация от Madeline Stuart Official (@madelinesmodelling_)

Down syndrome model

It is not difficult to guess why the Australian model attracted such attention of the public at that time. Unusual for the pedestrian model, Madeline’s appearance and her amazing worldview is difficult to ignore. Although the girl was pleased with how much she managed to achieve, she decided to fulfill another dream – strengthen her health.

Публикация от Madeline Stuart Official (@madelinesmodelling_)

Публикация от Madeline Stuart Official (@madelinesmodelling_)

Long way to the goal

Last three years Madeline devoted to working on herself and made numerous changes in her way of life, which helped her to lose 55 lbs. In early 2018, Stuart appeared before the internet public in a completely new way.

Публикация от Madeline Stuart Official (@madelinesmodelling_)

According to Madeline’s mother, Rosanna, the girl’s sports devotion was caused by the problems at school. Stuart experienced difficulties at physical education classes – she was frustrated she couldn’t be on a par with her peers. This led to health and well-being deterioration. However, a couple of years later, Madeline took her life under strict control. Rosanna said that her daughter had eliminated harmful food from her diet, reduced meals portions, and began to lose weight rapidly.

Публикация от Madeline Stuart Official (@madelinesmodelling_)

In addition, Madeline began to swim for an hour a day. The girl’s mother shared the weight loss was not the main goal for her daughter, but a slender body definitely gave her more self-confidence and opened new opportunities in the modeling career.

Fabulous transformation

Madeline demonstrated her amazing transformation on her Facebook page.

Three years of hard self-improvement. Now I feel amazing. When I was last examined, the doctor told me that if I continued to lead a healthy lifestyle, I would no longer have to carry out heart surgery again. I’m extremely happy with the results.

Of course, Madeline has something to be proud of, and we can’t help admiring her willpower and perseverance. Nothing gives us more strength and self-confidence than a victory over things that prevented us from conquering the new peaks for a long time!

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