Pain Behind Beauty: What Happened To The Once Beautiful And Successful TV Star Heather Locklear


Pain Behind Beauty: What Happened To The Once Beautiful And Successful TV Star Heather Locklear

We all remember Heather Locklear as a fiery blonde Amanda Woodward on the hit 90s show Melrose Place. At that time, the gorgeous actress was one of the most beautiful women on a blue screen, so much so that this reputation stuck with her even beyond the run of the show. Unfortunately, later in life, Locklear found herself heading down a dark path and hasn’t been able to step out of it ever since.


So what happened to one of the most prominent TV’s leading ladies?

Recent troubles

Anyone who follows Heather Locklear’s life updates knows her recent struggles with staying sober and the law. This June has been particularly tough on the 56-year-old actress, and its events made us all worried about her health.


First, Locklear was arrested for assaulting a cop, who arrived at her house after receiving complaints about the ongoing domestic dispute. According to the Ventura County Fire and Sheriff’s Departments, the actress was intoxicated and threatening to kill herself, which is why her daughter called 911.


Several hours after being released, Locklear was hospitalized due to overdose. She was later allowed to return home as her condition became stable. Reportedly, the actress refused to get further treatment and go to the rehab, which has left her family in a perpetual state of dread.

Star days

Locklear’s life hasn’t always been so tragic. She started out in Hollywood as a model but was quickly noticed by TV executives, who sensed she could be popular but had no idea they were recruiting a young girl about to become one of the most memorable TV actresses of all time.


In the 1980s, Heather was part of the main cast on ABC‘s soap opera Dynasty. The viewers quickly noticed her spunky personality and bright blonde locks. The star was born and no one could get enough.

© The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) / Millimeter Films

In 1993, Locklear graced Melrose Place with her complex character and the show’s ratings skyrocketed.

Amanda Woodward was perfectly portrayed by the actress. On the surface, she seemed like a cold and stunning woman but made all of us root for her with her contagious confidence.

© Melrose Place (1992) / Paramount Home Entertainment

During the Melrose Place days, Locklear often said in the interviews that she was afraid of being stuck playing typecast blonde characters, but continued to do so, since she was the best at it.


Nearing the downfall

Heather had one more hit after Melrose Place ended its run. She joined Spin City to act opposite Michael J. Fox and was even nominated for two Golden Globes during her time on the show.

Unfortunately, this was the last time Locklear was a leading lady. All she could get was a series of brief cameos and many guest appearances, but it seemed that her run was nearing its end.


In 2007, Locklear and her husband of 13 years Richie Sambora filed for a divorce. That might’ve been the last straw for the actress: She saw her career and marriage decay all at once, and she couldn’t take it anymore.

What followed was the year that made us look at Heather Locklear with concern. She was arrested for driving under substances, was reportedly suicidal and committed to a treatment facility, where doctors confirmed Locklear was suffering from depression and anxiety.


The actress’ struggles with substance abuse never left her since then. Over the years, there were reports of her unstable behavior, which culminated in this June’s worst series of events in her life yet.

No one can predict what’s in store for Heather next, but we hope she finds strength in herself to get help.


A bit of hope

One thing that makes us believe there is hope for the 56-year-old actress is her 20-year-old daughter, Ava.

Ava Sambora is a spitting image of her mother. She’s young, beautiful, and has already been through too much in her life.

Locklear’s daughter has stuck with her mother through thick and thin and witnessed all of her struggles.

We hope Ava can help her mother so that we can see beautiful Heather Locklear return in all her glory.

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