Willie Aames And His Wife Were Pen Pals For Three Decades Before Finally Having A Chance To Meet


Willie Aames And His Wife Were Pen Pals For Three Decades Before Finally Having A Chance To Meet


Sometimes it takes time to find the true love, but its worth waiting, and the example of Willie Aames and his third wife Winnie Hung proves it well.

Being a millionaire

The actor, best known for playing Tommy Bradford on Eight Is Enough, was making nearly a million dollars a year when he was 19. It seemed like he had a perfect life, but still it didn’t make him a happy person.

It felt like there was another life, prepared him.

And this feeling was right!

By the time I was nineteen I was making nearly a million dollars a year. I had cars, boats, a house near the beach in Southern California, had met or dated the most famous people on the planet, and still felt like a complete loser. All I could think of was… there must be something better than this.

Before finding the true love, his third wife Winnie Hung , Willie Aames was married two times: with Vicki Weatherman and Maylo McCaslin. He survived two divorces and lost almost everything he had. Eventually, the star decided to start life all over again, and it radically changed everything.

Finding love

Willie Aames’ life completely changed when he began working on cruise ships. His career was brilliant, as he managed to work his way up to the cruise director.

After Willie Aames’ whole lifestyle was changed, he was able to meet his third wife, who waited for him nearly 30 years.
Winnie Hung was Willie Aames’ fan, who once wrote a letter to her idol.

And she felt herself the happiest person, when the actor answered. They became pen pals, who kept in touch but never met till one magic moment.

I used to get thousands of letters and feel guilty, because there was always a picture of a girl and a phone number. So I called one — ‘Hi, this is Willie Aames’ — and she hung up on me!

One day she wrote the letter, and they finally decided to meet. It was the best decision ever!

When I saw her, I literally could not breathe. My knees started to go weak. We had the most amazing evening. It was like we knew each other our whole lives — because we did!

Winnie and Willie will celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary in 2020. They are happy together and it feels like they are still on the honeymoon. And even though it took 30 years for Winnie Hung to finally meet Willie, she is grateful for the opportunity to be his wife, and to spend every day next to the best man in her life. Sometimes its worth waiting for so long!

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