Not An Issue For True Love: New Boyfriend Of Princess Of Norway Used To Live With A Man For 8 Years


Not An Issue For True Love: New Boyfriend Of Princess Of Norway Used To Live With A Man For 8 Years

Love is built through commitments. This is exactly the case of the unusual royal couple that has recently united their hearts – Norwegian Princess Martha Louise and American shaman-spiritologist Durek Verrett, better known as Shaman Durek. The representative of royal blood earlier led a rather typical lifestyle for a Princess, having given birth to three children and being an immaculate mother and wife. Her unexpected divorce, which occurred in 2016 after 14 years of marriage, became an unprecedented event in the history of the Norwegian crown.

Shaman Durek looks like a person from another world, who has completely devoted his life to spiritual practice, keeping in mind that the main goal of a person’s life is the search for the true love. However, he lived through rather unusual relationships that don’t really fit into the framework of the usual stereotypes. The army of his fans includes even a few Hollywood actresses such as Nina Dobrev, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc. The American conducts bio-energetic sessions, being extremely successful even among the superstars. Does it sound surprising that he charmed the Queen’s third cousin?

Having embarked on her spiritual path, Princess Martha Louise has changed a lot and seems to be head over heels in love with Durek, putting and end to all criticism towards them as a couple. At the same time, the shaman confesses he didn’t love anyone in his life as much as her. But his closet is actually full of skeletons.

Durek’s longest relationship was civil and lasted as much as 8 years. The shaman’s partner was… a man. When asked about his orientation, Verrett says that he isn’t gay or bisexual, and he has always been searching for a real soulmate. The couple couldn’t bear the obligations of eternal love. Apparently, the first to slam the door was Hank Greenberg, a masseuse from Los Angeles.

Here is the snapshot of Shaman Durek in a civil outfit at a LaCoste party.

Not An Issue For True Love: New Boyfriend Of Princess Of Norway Used To Live With A Man For 8 YearsGetty Images / Ideal Image

Hank wasn’t as famous as his celebrity partner and didn’t share his views on business and life. By the way, the main focus of the shaman’s therapy is raising women’s self-esteem to realize their personal significance.

In response, Shaman Durek only stated that Hank is now his ex, which allowed him to talk of his former partner. The Princess definitely deserves our respect in this situation, as she showed truly aristocratic greatness to protect her partner, accepting him with all his past. Do you think that this love will overcome all obstacles and survive, despite the close attention of society? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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