Woman Transformed An Old Garage Into A Comfortable Tiny House


Woman Transformed An Old Garage Into A Comfortable Tiny House


Many of those people who live in a private house usually have a garage where they park a car or keep belongings which they don’t need anymore. But it turns out that it is possible to transform a garage into a fashionable house.

Michelle de la Vega from Seattle proved that everything is possible if there is a desire. The woman managed to turn the shabby garage into a 250-square-foot house for $32,000. It is now equipped with everything that is needed for comfortable living.

Instead of an old one-car garage, there is a sleeping place, a bathroom, a stove, and various pieces of furniture. By the way, it is worth to notice that the furniture was either redesigned or salvaged by Michelle.

This is how the garage looked like originally.

Now it looks absolutely different, and it is hard to believe that this stylish house used to be an old garage.

Michelle is not the only one who managed to make such an incredible transformation. For example, Martin Brown used this idea to make his mother-in-law live closer. When Martin’s son was born, the woman decided that it would be a good idea to live somewhere nearby. So Martin moved her into a garage.

In fact, he turned his 1920s garage into a nice guest cottage. And it looks absolutely stunning! After about a year of planning, the construction began and was completed in about six months. The result goes beyond all expectations!

The garage can act not only as a parking place for a car or storage for unnecessary belongings. It became a fully-equipped house for guests or family members.

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