Nostalgic Already? Meghan Markle Just Wore A Stunning Navy Version Of Her Wedding Gown


Nostalgic Already? Meghan Markle Just Wore A Stunning Navy Version Of Her Wedding Gown



Everyone still remembers the Duchess of Sussex’s stunning wedding gown by Givenchy. It was effortlessly minimalistic, but, at the same time, so beautiful and tender!


Almost every woman looks back at her wedding day, longing for the time she was wearing a beautiful white dress, chosen so carefully. And looks like Meghan Markle is no exception.


Recently, Meghan has been spotted wearing a minimalist-cut dress, very similar to her wedding gown, and it looked amazing.

Channeling wedding vibes

The Duchess of Sussex wore a stunning navy dress to the 100th celebration of Royal Air Force at Westminster Abbey the other day. Meghan looked stylish as usual, but we noticed something interesting about her look.


The Duchess showed up at the RAF ceremony in a shorter navy version of her wedding gown, which had an almost identical shoulder line. The only differences between the dresses were the color and the length.


This simply shows how much Meghan loved her gown. As we know, the dress was created by Givenchy designer Claire Waight Keller, so it must hold an extra special place in the Duchess’ heart.


We definitely can’t blame the Duchess for going with this beautiful cut again, since it fits her so perfectly.

Public loved the dress

Social media users were very complimentary of Meghan’s look.

Can you see similarities between the two dresses?

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