Have You Forgiven Your Ex? Joyce Meyer Shares A Brilliant Bio-Hacking Method To Help Clean Your Mind And Soul


Have You Forgiven Your Ex? Joyce Meyer Shares A Brilliant Bio-Hacking Method To Help Clean Your Mind And Soul



Have you heard of bio-hacking? It is basically the use of science and technology to improve your body to become the best version you can be. If you have ever ventured out to make your mental, spiritual, cellular, or physical health better, then you have practiced bio-hacking.

However, while various forms of bio-hacking such as physical exercise, environmental stimulation, and DNA editing are more popular, mental bio-hacking is a less popular yet very important approach. Since a healthy body needs a healthy mind, mental bio-hacking is critical to our development as humans, making it a crucial approach to master. 

One example of a mental bio-hack that can help you to realize gratitude and achieve forgiveness is to write your thoughts in a journal, a strategy that can help you relieve stress and realize happiness faster.

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Basically, when you practice such an exercise more often, you will be more likeable, since you have no psychological baggage and you will technically be a clean slate every day. Isn’t that beautiful?

How to forgive and rise above your hurtful past

According to Joyce Meyer, to get over your past, forgiving those who hurt you is important. Meyer, who is a Bible teacher and successful author, advises that when you forgive someone, you get to reward yourself with mental wellness, which is an irreplaceable treasure. She says that to forgive, however, one needs to know how to do it.

The first step is to pray for your enemies. When you dedicate prayers to those that hurt you, you are technically choosing to be the better person and when you wish those that have hurt you well, then they are more likely to see their mistakes on their own.   

The next step is now to change our vocabulary, since when you talk about something in a good way, then negative feelings cannot control you. Words have power; when you avoid aggressive, cynical, and hurtful words, then you can find the peace of mind you need and the conflict is easier to subside.  

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The third step is to rise above your ego and trust that forgiveness is the best thing for everyone. For Christians like Meyer, this means leaving everything to God who will reward you with peace. When you make the sacrifice to move forward and not to waste your time in bitterness, then you will grow in spirit. Summarizing her philosophy on forgiveness, the best-selling author advises that:

We overcome evil with good…and not hurting those who hurt us.

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Tips on achieving forgiveness though bio-hacking

However, to forgive is a process that is not easy to realize for everyone. Here are a few tips to follow that can help you to forgive faster and find the peace of mind you surely deserve.

  1. Do not rush. Firstly, take your time to process everything, including your anger and hurt.
  2. Be patient. The next step is to wait for things to cool off until you can have a rational conversation with the person that hurt you.
  3. Personify your hurt. Next, when speaking, tell the other party how you feel and use ‘I’ statements to make sure they comprehend the gravity of the situation.
  4. Open up and ask questions. When you have all the facts, you can ascertain the gravity of the situation.  
  5. Create boundaries with the people that hurt you and, finally, explain that you choose to forgive them.

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