Will The Queen Spend Christmas At Home Or Will She Be Broadcasting Live? Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Message


Will The Queen Spend Christmas At Home Or Will She Be Broadcasting Live? Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Message



For many Britons, Christmas is never complete without the Queen’s Christmas Message. Over the past decades, the Queen’s Christmas Message has become a British tradition, as people from the nation and abroad tune in to listen to the Queen’s speech.

While the broadcast’s theme always differs from one year to the next, the Queen’s Christmas Message is always an opportunity for the Queen to reflect on major events from the year while she gives her two cents on the meaning of Christmas.

The Queen’s Christmas Message in 2017 focused on ‘home’

In 2017, the Queen’s speech was special. She brought the message back home by focusing on the meaning of Christmas as a season that reminds people of where they grew up.

Touching on the terror attacks that took place in her homeland, the Queen called on people to have pride in their nation and appealed to their power to emerge from such challenges. From her message, which reminded people about the beauty of love and their heritage, she inspired others to look forward to lovely times with their families.

People are attached to the Queen’s Christmas Message

For many, the Christmas speech is special, since it is one of the few times the Queen gets to share her ideas without her ministers’ advice, making it the best representation of her thoughts as a monarch.

To most people, their attachment to the Christmas Message is irreplaceable, since they always look forward to the address.  

For others, Queen Elizabeth’s speech is part of their Christmas tradition.

Some people don’t mind that the speech is no longer live since the Queen also deserves to spend the Christmas season at home with her family.

The Queen’s message truly inspires many people. The fact that it has become a tradition for many families in Britain is proof that it is part of the nation’s culture and heritage.

Other leaders also inspire their citizens

Around the world, other leaders took after the Queen’s example, taking a moment during Christmas to step away from politics to appeal to humanity and to recognize the various achievements experienced in the year.

In 2012, President Obama and his wife Michelle focused on joy as a theme to promote the spirit of giving, service, and homecoming.

In 2018, President Donald Trump similarly celebrated people who gave their service to prepare for Christmas and focused his address on the Christian origins of the holiday.

Christmas is indeed a joyous season of giving, kindness, and love, where we are reminded of our obligation and connection to each other. However, for the Queen, addressing the nation and the world is a great privilege that she always cherishes.


So, will you be tuning in for the Queen’s Christmas Message this year?

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