Quite The Narcissists! 5 Zodiac Signs With Inflated Self-Esteem


Quite The Narcissists! 5 Zodiac Signs With Inflated Self-Esteem



We all have flaws and today we want to talk about character traits like arrogance and selfishness. It’s almost never pleasant to speak to self-centered people, so most of us try to stay away from such individuals.

So which members of the zodiac family happen to be narcissists most often?

5 zodiac signs with the most inflated self-esteem

1. Leo


People born under this sign always long to be the center of attention. Leos can’t bear the thought that someone might be smarter and more successful than them. Their life motto is "the ends justifies the means." They are ready to do anything to get what they want.

2. Capricorn


They are rather cold-blooded than self-centered as such. Much like Leos, Capricorns are ready to use any means to an end. The narcissism of this zodiac sign is just a mask they use to hide their insecurities.

3. Aries


Their ego is immense. Arians are certain that no one can compare to them. They do everything possible to achieve what they want, even if it hurts other people. That’s why Aries doesn’t usually have that many friends.

4. Scorpio


The representatives of this zodiac sign are compulsive narcissists. Scorpios love to make themselves look good at other people’s expense. They don’t care how many people they’ll have to use and humiliate to get what they want.

5. Aquarius


These people usually get really upset when people call them narcissistic or self-centered, although that’s what they are. Aquarians love to be admired and if you don’t do so, they will ignore you or even gossip behind your back.

Well, as we’ve mentioned before, every zodiac sign has their dark side and flaws. Have you recognized any of your friends or family on our list? We’re waiting for your answers in the comments!

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