Nothing Is Impossible: 10 People’s Radical Weight-Loss Transformations


Nothing Is Impossible: 10 People’s Radical Weight-Loss Transformations



A weight loss journey is not an easy one. To achieve visible results, you need a great deal of willpower, self-discipline, determination, and hard work. The most difficult thing here is taking the first step, isn’t it? When you begin to notice the positive changes in your body, you will not want to give up.

Everyone knows that extra weight not only lowers your self-esteem but also negatively affects your health.

So, to encourage you to get rid of that extra weight, we have picked photos of 10 people who managed to pull themselves together and transform beyond recognition.

1. I’ve lost 92 lbs and counting!

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#transformationtuesday REPOST from when I first shared this almost exactly two years ago ❤️ … Weight loss is really about choices when it comes down to it. I like chocolate cake, fries and huge bowls of Mac and cheese just as much as anyone else 😜 I like sleeping in and relaxing on the couch after a long day of work. I like drinking wine every night 🍷🍷I like all these things but I make a choice everyday to put my health and my goals first. I make the choice to meal prep. I make the choice to drive to the gym or get my butt up to go for a run. I have no magical powers or no more motivation than anyone else is capable of having, I just get up everyday and CHOOSE THIS LIFESTYLE! I have lost over 90 pounds by making healthy choices, and have stayed successful with keeping the weight off by choosing to stay committed no matter how many times I screw up along the way. If you are feeling frustrated or ready for a change, start today with one choice. The more you practice the easier it becomes and little by little those choices add up to major change. The 246 pound girl on the left had know idea she was capable of changing her life, but the 153 pound girl on the right knows she got here by starting with just one choice to change … Still true to this day! Proud of that girl two years who kept fighting to meet her ultimate goal of losing 100 pounds and proud to have kept consistent since then 💕 #mygirlishbuttgetsfit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #weightlossinspiration #fitfam #fitlife #healthychoices #ig_transformations #100poundsdown #weightlossbeforeandafter #fitspo

Допис, поширений Rebecca Grafton (@mygirlishwhims)

2. From 493 lbs to 231 lbs – this guy says he’s half of his former self!

M/31/6’1 [460 > 230 = 230lbs] (3 years) I’m officially half the man I used to be. from r/progresspics

3. A mere 8-month difference. Impressive!

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Well the verdict is in! (Swipe for my new weight!) I weighed for the first time in months and I seriously could have vommed before I stepped on the scales. My only hope was to be out of the 300s and I did it! It was risky weighing right after 🔴 week started but I’m so glad I did. I can’t even put into words how happy I am to be in the 2’s even if I just barely made it in! 400lbs was way too close for comfort 6 months ago. I hope you’re all having the best Monday and if you’ve DM’d please be patient! 🧡🧡🧡

Допис, поширений BRITTNEY🌻 | Keto➕IF (

4. This young lady is ecstatic over her weight-loss numbers.

F/29/5’10" [320>199=121lbs] (10 months) First time my weight has started with a ‘1’ in 18 years!!! from r/progresspics

5. Down 100 lbs over 2 years! He can’t believe how big he was before.

M/33/6’2” [292 lbs > 192 lbs = 100 lbs] (2 years-ish) Just found an old profile shot. I can’t believe I didn’t see how big I was! from r/progresspics

6. Same pose, same clothes, same mirror – 110 lbs less.

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"É outra pessoa, cadê as tatuagens???" Depois de tanto mimimi pq em algumas fotos eu estou em outro ângulo que não aparecem as tatuagens, cansei, pois agora TOME!!! Na mesma pose, no mesmo espelho e com a mesma roupa!!! Só que com 50kg à menos 👊🏻😜 #faladorpassamal #natura #sembariatrica

Допис, поширений Miriellen Andrade (@miriellen)

7. 206 lbs loss – facial recognition programs would have trouble identifying him!

Facial Progress – 206lbs lost

8. This girl is living proof that goals are achievable!

F/30/5’4"[245lbs>145lbs=100lbs] CICO1200kcal+intermediate fasting. Set a goal 2 years ago to lose 100lbs by my bday and I did it!

9. What a difference 2 years can make


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