Bad Taste Or Sheer Coincidence: Melania Trump's Most Controversial Fashion Moments


Bad Taste Or Sheer Coincidence: Melania Trump's Most Controversial Fashion Moments

Is she a fashion icon or simply imitates the faux style? Melania Trump tends to shock the world with her sometimes inappropriate outfits. Let’s see what were her biggest style failures while being the First US Lady.


Caring wife

Trump’s wife has always been a target of the fashion eyes all over the world. Moreover, we are sure she couldn’t help knowing it. However, with her recent chosen outfit it seems Melania “doesn’t care” about the opinion of the people around. On June 21, Mrs. Trump made an unexpected visit to the American-Mexican border where over 2,000 kids are detained from their families due to her husband’s child separating policy. When Melania got off the plane, the journalists caught the inscription on her khaki jacket:

I really don’t care, do U?


Since we have no idea whom the message was addressed to, let’s reminisce about other Melania’s failed outfits she appeared in public recently.

Failed occasions

On August 29, 2017, the Trumps family visited the Hurricane Harvey’s outcomes in Texas. Melania was wearing a modest khaki (she seems to enjoy that color) jacket… with 4-inch high heels. Perhaps, not the most comfortable footwear to observe the hurricane’s disaster.


A few months before that, on May the same year, Melania and Donald visited Apostolic Palace for an audience with Pope Francis. Mr. Trump was wearing a strict formal suit as always, while his wife opted for something different. Her completely black outfit looked too tragic during the meeting with the Vatican’s leader.


However, Melania adores bright colors as well. During the United Nations event in fall 2017, the First Lady gave an inspiring speech in an oversized pink dress. Too bright, Melania, too bright.

Just mistakes

However, Melania doesn’t always repel people with her lack of style. Instead, the First Lady always looks fashionable, and her fans can’t stop praising her fashion taste and imitate her outfit choice.

Those were rather exclusions from the general rule, and we are happy to see Melania always amazingly dressed.


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