"Mister Rogers" Proposed His Wife In The Most Conventional Way Possible To Live More Than 50 Years With Her


"Mister Rogers" Proposed His Wife In The Most Conventional Way Possible To Live More Than 50 Years With Her



He was the most beloved and educative children’s TV host. “Mister Rogers” has also turned out to be especially romantic with his wife. His unusual marriage proposal will remain in the family memories to the ages of ages.


Lovebirds meeting

He died in 2003. His stomach cancer made him finish his screen career, lasting from 1968 till 2000. He was a real friend to the young Americans.


He taught the kids all and everything: from dealing with anger to ensuring the bathtub is not going to suck you down. He repeated his simple and reasonable key message to everybody around every time he had a chance: love yourself and love others.


Romantic proposal

Fred Rogers had a nice family. His wife, Joanne Rogers, welcomed him two beautiful children and couldn’t stop reminiscing about the amazing half-century they’ve spent together. Fred met Joanna in Rollins College in Florida, where they were on their way to becoming music experts: She was acquiring piano play, while he was receiving his degree in music composition.

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The graduation passed, and Fred moved away for his first job ­– 30 Rock producer’s assistant. The only thing he missed from the college was Joanna. That is why he decided to compose his best creation for the entire life – marriage proposal letter:

This was before "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood" got off the ground, but we like to imagine it included the phrase "won’t you be … my bride" in it!


Unfortunately, Fred was suffering on his deathbed. He could hardly endure the pains pursuing his body over and over again. Luckily, he had someone to calm him down and let him leave in peace:

The boys will be fine, and I’m going to try to be fine.’ So when he went, I could feel he went at peace and even with joy. I really feel he went with joy.

Left with joy

After Fred’s death, his work wasn’t finished. His wife became the perfect legacy and continued helping kids similarly to her husband. She chairs Emeritus of The Fred Rogers Company’s Board of Directors and received the Great Friend of Children Award from the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh again, in the same way, Fred received it in 1994.


We will never forget you, Mister Rogers. Your songs, your teaching, and your image will forever stay with us in our memories.

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