"I Feel Like I Could Cry": Donald Trump's Emotional Poem That He Wrote At Age 12 Goes Public


"I Feel Like I Could Cry": Donald Trump's Emotional Poem That He Wrote At Age 12 Goes Public



People never stop digging into the U.S President’s past. They wonder how was Donald Trump as a child and a young man? What’s his education that made him eligible to be the head of states? Read on and you’ll know!

From kindergarten to grade 7, he attended the Kew-Forest School in a neighborhood of Queens. At 13, young Donald Trump was enrolled in a private boarding school. He graduated in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The New York Times published that he finished first in his class, but, in reality, he never made it to the institute’s honor roll.

An emotional note

Mr. Trump barely shows his vulnerable side and is known for his unfiltered speeches. However, there was a time when he chose his words with care and delivered them coated with deep sentiments. The Washington Post has released Donald’s poem that he wrote at the age of 12.

He was passionate about baseball and this inspired him to pen his thoughts. It was then published in the school’s yearbook. Donald Trump composed his feelings as:

I like to hear the crowd give cheers, so loud and noisy to my ears. When the score is 5-5, I feel like I could cry. And when they get another run, I feel like I could die. Then the catcher makes an error, not a bit like Yogi Berra. The game is over and we say tomorrow is another day.


Donald Trump’s ex-classmate, George Beuttell told Business Insider how Mr. President was as a kid. He revealed that the real-estate mogul excelled at sports. No student had a better direction than Donald. He even won several awards for his neatness and discipline.

That tells us that he was perfectly organized and also had creative talent. No wonder Donald he made his way to the heights of American greatness. Share this and sound off.

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