Giant Whale Saved A Woman From A Tiger Shark


Giant Whale Saved A Woman From A Tiger Shark



Recently an unbelievable video was captured near the Cook Islands. It shows the moment when a diver was saved by a whale from a dangerous predator.

Nan Daeschler Hauser is a marine biologist and a director of the Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation. The woman has spent almost 30 years under the water, exploring the beauty of the ocean. She has often encountered whales, but has never thought that one day it would save her life.

A giant whale used its tail to keep a shark away from the woman. Mrs. Hauser says that it is the first time in her life she has experienced such a close contact with a whale. According to her words, whales have never been so insistent on putting her on their bellies or heads.

The research team observed the whole process, and everybody was extremely frightened. They even abandoned the drone footage as something horrible could happen, and they didn’t want to film that.

Caters Clips / YouTube

Caters Clips / YouTube

Caters Clips / YouTube

A marine researcher Robert Pitman has been conducting a study since the 1950s, and the result goes beyond all expectations. It turned out that humpback whales have altruistic behavior. It was explored by analyzing hundreds of interactions between humpback and killer whales.

But they have usually saved other marine species, not people. According to Nan Daeschler Hauser, it is the first officially documented case of whale protecting a human. The woman believes that this video will contribute to further research and exploration of whales and their behavior towards others.

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