Danger Hidden Under Nails: 2 Kids Nearly Lost Their Dad Because Of His Nail Biting Habit


Danger Hidden Under Nails: 2 Kids Nearly Lost Their Dad Because Of His Nail Biting Habit



Sepsis is one of the life-threatening health problems that need immediate action to save a person. Key symptoms of sepsis are high body temperature. It can be a high one like 101 F or a low one – about 96.8 F. Another symptom of sepsis is heart rate over 90 beats/minute and high respiratory rate.

Sepsis might develop into a severe one, and it might be characterized by an abrupt change in mental status, the difficulty of breathing, and other severe symptoms.

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Luke Hanoman, a father of 2, started feeling something is wrong with his body after biting the skin down the side of his nails.

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All the symptoms he had looked like flu. Luke describes how he felt:

And one day I bit the skin down the side of my nail. It hurt a bit but I didn’t think anything of it. I was in work throughout the week and started to get flu-like symptoms which were gradually getting worse. I had cold sweats, I was shaking, and then going hot. And then my finger started swelling up and I had this unbearable throbbing. I started going really weird and I couldn’t focus.

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That was more than enough for the infection to spread over his body. And only later, when he rushed to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed sepsis in his body. It was mere luck he was still alive, and they managed to save him.


In fact, it all happened because of the nasty nail biting habit. It’s hard to cope with the habit, but first, you need to find the trigger that makes you do this. Then, just think how gross it is. And if this doesn’t help, get regular manicures – after that, you definitely won’t like the taste of nail polish. Keep safe and don’t bite your nails!

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