Faces In The Crowd: Why Challenging Yourself To Solve Puzzles Should Be An Indispensible Part Of Your Life


Faces In The Crowd: Why Challenging Yourself To Solve Puzzles Should Be An Indispensible Part Of Your Life



Have you ever wondered why you need puzzles and mind-twisters? First of all, as entertainment, for sure. However, there is actually a real benefit of solving the challenging riddles.


Developing thinking skills

In our everyday life, we are surrounded by non-standard situations on every step of the way. So, it is often just necessary to apply logic and ingenuity in solving these problems. Riddles can develop the outside-the-box thinking skills.


At school, we are also trained to solve problems in life, but usually, such tasks are boring and are not based on real-life experience. Apart from the entertaining element, riddles and puzzles often provide the everyday situations that are quite possible to meet. Overall, puzzles are as close to life experience as possible.

Three mind-twisting puzzles

For example, how many times have you tried to find your kitty late in the evening? Those naughty pets usually hide somewhere in the bushes, rarely reacting to your calls.

# 1

Here is another challenge for you: These penguins are trying to hide a cat that looks the same but with one small distinction. Try to find out what differs the kitty from the others.

# 2

Every day, you see hundreds of unknown faces. You pay no attention to the emotions they express. However, sometimes, people with the similar facial expressions may look quite the same without even knowing about this. Five identical women have hidden in the crowd and are waiting to be found. Moreover, if you manage to notice three similar kids’ faces, you will be able to prove your acute eyesight.

# 3

Rabbits are quite timid animals. They tend to hide immediately, as soon as they notice any danger. These two skiers don’t look too scary, but the rabbits have no idea about it. Try to find five little animals that have mingled with the environment.

In legends and myths, we often meet heroes who are given non-standard tasks, successfully solving various puzzles. Therefore, we are shown the importance of the intellect even in the most unusual situations. Many people are skeptical about the riddles. Some even get puzzled, especially when they can not solve them.


Perhaps, you must have already coped with all three tasks, so here are the answers to the mysteries, just to check how right you were.


Finding a cat among penguins is probably not a common life situation; however, it is a great task to train your attention. The uniqueness that differs the kitty from his friends is the absence of the orange beak. So, here it is:

The people in the photo indeed express different emotions, but the five women and three children are definitely unsatisfied with something:

The skiers must have not noticed the scared rabbits, as they have hidden really nicely. Take a look at the answer if you happened to miss any of the animals:

Another great way to have fun with the riddles is guessing them in a company of friends. With the help of the puzzles, you can make an ordinary party quite intellectual. You can arrange a kind of quiz with the prizes. Moreover, if you know a lot of riddles, you can become a host and entertain your friends with all kinds of the smart exercises.


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