Are Prince Charles And Camilla Parker-Bowles Still In Love? Body Language Expert Gives A Verdict


Are Prince Charles And Camilla Parker-Bowles Still In Love? Body Language Expert Gives A Verdict



If there were no body language experts, how could we know for sure what’s going on between the members of the royal family? Luckily, we have such experts, and one of them revealed the truth behind Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ relationship? Are they as much in love as 40 years ago? Let’s find out.


What did body language expert say?

Charles and Camilla’s love affair made headlines several decades ago. The royal couple celebrated the 13th anniversary of their marriage in April 2018; however, their relationships have started much earlier.

Unlike younger royals, Kate and William, or Harry and Meghan, Charles and Camilla are not fond of expressing their feelings on public. But it doesn’t mean their love has gone.


According to the body language expert, Tonya Reiman, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are definitely comfortable around one another and have a solid relationship.

On a series of their joint photos, Charles and Camilla show closeness and affection towards one another even with a substantial distance between them.



When the duke and duchess appear together at royal events, the expert noticed they usually keep step with one another.

This is a good sign for a couple. Typically, this indicates that she depends on him and feels protected.

This picture below captures an intimate moment between the royals. Camilla laughs, as Charles says something to her while they sit in a welcome ceremony at the Mile One Center.


Reiman commented on the picture:

We do not know what they’re chatting about, but it’s fair to say they’re feeling no distance and discomfort. These two are kinda mirroring one another which indicates their healthy relationship.


Friends close to the couple describe Charles and Camilla as sharing a rare sense of humor. By the way, it’s Camilla’s jokes that reportedly first attracted Charles to her at the start of their love affair more than 40 years ago.


As the time goes by, romantic feelings may also lose their strength. But it looks like Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have nothing to worry about. Besides, they share not only love but mutual respect and common values.

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