British Girl, 23, Lost A Leg To Cancer, But It Helped Her Find Her Dream Career In Modeling!


British Girl, 23, Lost A Leg To Cancer, But It Helped Her Find Her Dream Career In Modeling!

Ask an ordinary person what she or he wants more than anything, and the answer will most likely be wealth, fame, a luxury car, or an enviable spouse. Ask the same question to a sick person, and without a moment’s hesitation, he or she will say – health; everything else can be bought or gained. Bernadette Hagans, an ordinary 23-year-old girl from a small town, didn’t have this choice – the ups and downs that she’s gone through is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

After moving to a new apartment, the girl’s leg started to ache, but she didn’t attach much importance to it. Bernadette thought she had probably pulled a tendon climbing the stairs to her floor. In December 2017, she went to the doctor as the discomfort got worse and started interfering with her life.

She started feeling exhausted, looking ill, and losing weight. Only in May 2018, an ultrasound showed a growing tumor on the fat tissue on the leg, which turned out to be an extremely rare form of cancer – synovial sarcoma. It affects the tissues around the bones and ligaments without affecting them from the inside.

The last biopsy in July 2018, showed that sarcoma had spread to the nerve endings and blood vessels and became life threatening. She was told that the leg would have to be urgently amputated. It is difficult to imagine how the young girl took the news, but apparently, she didn’t show signs of despair, making jokes even right before surgery. Now, that’s a will to live!

After the amputation and 4 months of chemotherapy, the girl felt much better and regained her belief in a bright future. Fate, as if compelled by the fragile blonde from Belfast, prepared a gift for her – a modeling agency for people with various physical disabilities contacted Bernadette and asked for her best photos.

Now, 23-year-old Hagans is actively involved in Zebedee Management’s main campaigns and has every chance of making a brilliant career for herself despite the complete lack of experience. The girl is amazingly pretty, isn’t she?

On a similar note, 31-year-old model Lauren Wasser, who lost both her legs, has also overcome her pain, got on the prostheses, and is getting ready to run a marathon in November. When such beautiful and promising girls don’t give up in the face of gruesome circumstances and set an example for others, it makes you think – what are the things that we can really complain about or should be grateful for?

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