Adorable Dog, Chained Outside For 12 Years, Gets Treated Like A Royalty Before She Passes Away


Adorable Dog, Chained Outside For 12 Years, Gets Treated Like A Royalty Before She Passes Away



For the past 12 years, Miss. Willie lived outside a home in Halifax County, North Carolina. Her owner chained her and, despite several pleas from PETA, refused to give the poor dog the attention she deserved.

On several occasions, staff of PETA visited the dog with food and toys. They even built a doghouse for her, and would spend time playing with Miss. Willie.

PETA to the rescue

Recently, while visiting the dog, a staff member of PETA noticed that she was looking worse than ever, and could not even stand up. Another appeal was made to the dog’s owner and this time, she agreed on PETA taking the dog away.

Miss. Willie was taken directly to the hospital, where a vet examined her. And the diagnosis was not looking good. The poor dog had several medical problems, and the doctor said she might only last one day.

However, the strong dog made it. And did not look like she was quitting soon. So Jes, who works with PETA, decided to write a bucket list for Miss. Willie to make sure she enjoys the remaining days she had.

Life like royalty

Miss. Willie got to sleep in her own soft bed for the first time, got to enjoy vegan pizza and even had her own welcoming party with other dogs in attendance. Later on, Miss. Willie visited the doggy beauty parlor, and got a massage.

Sadly, Miss. Willie died 16 days after Jes rescued her. They say all dogs go to heaven. We can imagine a very happy Miss. Willie smiling down at Jes and everyone else, who made her last days the best ever.

Say no to animal cruelty

Chaining animals and denying them attention is animal cruelty and usually, results in badly behaved or aggressive dogs. Also, dogs who are neglected are more likely to develop life threatening medical conditions. At least 22 states in the U.S. have legislation banning or regulating chaining of dogs, and many animal rights organizations are kicking for nationwide bans.

If found guilty, there are penalties associated with animal cruelty, which may include jail time. So, next time you think about chaining a dog for extended period of time, think again.

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