57-Year-Old Woman's Inner Youthfulness Shines Through After Incredible Makeover


57-Year-Old Woman's Inner Youthfulness Shines Through After Incredible Makeover



Christopher Hopkins encourages women of all ages to celebrate their looks and ensure their youth and vibrancy continues to shine through. If you have a fear of aging, you only have to take one look at this talented artist’s philosophy to see why you must embrace getting older without feelings of dread.

You can look better with age

A survey carried out on the readers of OprahMagazine discovered that 67.6% of women are concerned about aging. The internet sure doesn’t help matters as people often compare themselves to unattainable standards of beauty.

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These days, you can’t so much as flip through Instagram without being bombarded with photos of youthful-looking ladies.

These fears have led many to consider such options as surgery to keep their skin looking forever young, but Christopher believes you don’t have to do anything quite as drastic.

In his book Staging Your Comeback, Hopkins, who started experimenting with makeovers in Junior High, expressed his opinion that women become more beautiful the older they get even though they somehow convince themselves that they are unattractive. This fact helped him dedicate his life to showing the hidden beauty in women in their 50s, 60s and beyond.

Speaking to MSPMag, Hopkins also noted that as many women get older, they stop making themselves a priority which might explain the dissatisfaction with their looks.

These women have put themselves behind everything else, and all of a sudden they’re fifty and don’t know what to do.

But, like the case of this woman below, Hopkins knows exactly how to light that spark in the ladies.

Christopher Hopkins’ makeover: woman gets a different look

57-year-old Diane had only one request from Hopkins, to look as young as she felt inside. She revealed that despite her age, she felt and often acted decades younger and would want her appearance to reflect that.

The blond-haired woman ended up getting quite the transformation from Hopkins. She went from a straight-haired lady to a curly-haired beauty and she absolutely loved her new look. Even though a couple of inches were taken off her hair, Diane still looked radiant. In fact, she confirmed that she felt ten years younger.

Fans of the makeover guy applauded this transformation.

@Omar Aguirre declared that Diane actually looked "20 years younger" and @Gaycy S Middleton agreed, adding that the woman was "simply beautiful."

@Fiona26b also felt Diane appeared to be "20 years younger as well."

3 things you need to make you look more attractive, according to Hopkins

During an interview with Andrea Pflaumer, the makeover guy offered some tips that every woman needs to feel and look attractive.

  • Smile: Hopkins stated that everyone looks much better when they "sit up straight and smile."
  • Put on a little something: The makeover guy also advised women to put in even a little effort such as putting on some lipstick or mascara to show she cares. Even the smallest bits go a long way.
  • Find your personal style: He also explained the importance of knowing who you are and what makes you feel good. This helps boost confidence and can even be lifechanging.

The general theme of Christopher Hopkins’ message, even in his book, is that the first step to embracing your beauty is to make yourself a priority. Sure, as a wife, mom, business owner, career woman and so on, it feels like there’s so much on your plate. But if you don’t want your inner fire to be doused, you need to take some time for yourself. And sometimes, it’s as simple as smiling, wearing the right clothes and putting on a little makeup.

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