5 Tricks To Keep Poinsettias Alive And Healthy


5 Tricks To Keep Poinsettias Alive And Healthy



Christmas isn’t the same without the special atmosphere created by poinsettias. Who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful and vibrant plant like this during the most wonderful time of the year? Together with Christmas trees, snow men, and gingerbread houses, they help fill our homes with the Christmas spirit?

We often make mistakes of throwing these flowers out when the Christmas period ends, but we can make the most out of them for the following months.

Basically, you should treat poinsettias like any other plant. They need sunlight, don’t water them too much, and make sure to use a fertilizer, which gives nutrients to the plant. Once the petals fall, cut the stems underneath the flowers to make sure they grow again.

Here, we show you a 5-step guide to revitalize those poinsettias.

1. Put the plants outside.

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When spring arrives and temperature rises above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, we recommend you put your poinsettias outside to receive sunlight. You should keep in mind that the plant will begin to grow, but it will stay green throughout summer.

2. Prune the plant.

When summer arrives, we recommend you prune back half or one-third of the plant and place it in a slightly larger flower pot.

3. Put the plants inside.

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Once summer ends, place the plants inside before nighttime temperatures fall below 50. It’s vital from September 21st until the end of October, your poinsettias receive 14 or 15 hours of uninterrupted darkness in an average temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This simple action will allow your plants to change from green to red.

4. Cover your plants.

Every day at 5 pm, remember to cover your plants so that they’re in a completely dark environment and uncover them at 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning. The key for your plants is to receive the right amount of light.

5. Enjoy your plants once more.

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If you follow all of these steps, your poinsettias should be resplendent by the end of November, just in time for Christmas. They will then be ready to decorate your home and give it that magical aromatic touch and festive sensation.

With these 5 steps, you’ll get the most out of your poinsettias and have them looking dazzling every December.

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