Yoga Routine After Every Workout May Help Become Flexible


Yoga Routine After Every Workout May Help Become Flexible

You can look at your workout routine from different perspectives, but to understand its complexity, let’s look at it as a full meal. Your sweet stretching is a quick appetizer that makes you want more, your sweat session is your main course, and your cooldown is…What? Do we need a cooldown?

Most people skip stretching because they don’t think they need to do it. But a good stretching routine will help you prevent unfortunate cardiovascular and muscular incidents. The best way to finish your meal is with a delicious dessert, so let us present you with yoga.


Why yoga


This old Indian practice will teach you how to control your breathing, making all of your buzzing thoughts go away. Moreover, yoga is a great choice for a cooldown because it uses a lot of restorative moves that help muscles recover. Research shows that doing yoga poses after a workout will help muscles relax and lengthen, improve flexibility, and decrease the feeling of sore pains.

Besides, we all know that this practice has a positive effect on the nervous system, calming down our minds, which will help you to finish your workout in a positive and peaceful way.


Relaxing flow in 10 minutes


After finishing your sweat session, try to slow down your breathing as well as do long inhales and exhales. When you stop panting and get into a calm state, perform these yoga sequences. Start with vinyasa and repeat it every time you finish each sequence. Every sequence should be done on both sides. After you come to the final one, repeat the whole flow twice.


Lay on your belly with your legs extended and your hands placed beside your lower ribs. Get into a pushup position.

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Slowly lower your body, bending your elbows, until you form a straight line.

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Put your legs down and straighten your arms, making your chest come forward. Keep your hips and legs a few centimeters off the ground.

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Push your hips up and put your toes on the floor. Take a downward dog position.

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Sequence 1

From downward dog, put your right foot forward. Push your heels to the floor and lift your upper body up. Bend your right knee but don’t let it go over your right toes. Extend your right arm forward and your left arm back.

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Straighten your right leg. Bend your upper body forward keeping your left and right legs straight. Rest your right arm on your ankle and extend your left arm up to the ceiling.

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Sequence 2

From downward dog, lift your right leg up and place it on the mat in front of you, bending your right knee. Strengthen your left leg behind you, keep your toes straight as well. You can stay in this position or make it a little bit harder by flexing your left foot and reaching your arms back and touching your toes.

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Place your left foot on the outside of your right thigh. Your left hand should be firmly pressed against the mat behind your hips. Press your right elbow to the outside of your left knee. Start to gently twist your body to the left side keeping your back straight.

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Sequence 3

From downward dog, put your knees down and lay on your back. Place your straight arms on the sides of your body. Lift your legs up and slowly put them behind you until your toes reach the floor.

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Place your hands on the lower back and raise your right leg and then left leg up to the ceiling. The weight of your body should not be on your neck. Put your legs down and take a seated position with your legs extended forward. Flex your feet and bend forward aiming to reach your toes.

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There you have it, don’t forget to do vinyasa at the end again. These yoga sequences will boost your flexibility and calm your mind.

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