Where Are The Good Doctors Of 'St. Elsewhere' Now, And How Do They Look Like?


Where Are The Good Doctors Of 'St. Elsewhere' Now, And How Do They Look Like?



Medical drama series are unbelievably popular with the audience. Grey’s Anatomy, House M.D., Good Doctor, and many more have fans all over the world who patiently waited (or still wait!) for new episodes to air.

In fact, decades before modern medical drama shows, there was a successful series that broke broadcast television ground. St. Elsewhere premiered in 1981, lasted for 6 seasons, and earned numerous prestigious awards.

30 years later, where are its actors now?

© St. Elsewhere (1982) / MTM Productions

Remember Bobby Caldwell (Mark Harmon)? He was a prominent plastic surgeon with a tragic story. First, he got his face slashed. And then, he contracted HIV and died of AIDS in the final season.

© St. Elsewhere (1982) / NBC Universal, Inc.

Following the end of the series, Mark Harmon starred in a number of shows, including Chicago Hope and The West Wing. He also appeared in a handful of movies. But nowadays, Harmon is best known for playing Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs in a popular drama NCIS.


Even decades ago, it was obvious that the actor playing Dr. Chandler was going to be a big star.

© St. Elsewhere (1982) / MTM Productions

Throughout his career, Denzel Washington has won two Academy Awards and has been nominated for three more.


He can boast about starring in countless movies, including The Hurricane and American Gangsters. It’s no wonder he’s one of the most influential and powerful actors in the industry.


TV personality Howie Mandel portrayed Dr. Fiscus – a surgeon known for his lightheartedness. Since Mandel is a comedian, it’s no surprise he was the prankster of the show.

© St. Elsewhere (1982) / MTM Productions

Since the end of the series, he has loaned his voice to many films, such as Gremlins and Bobby’s World. You might have seen him on America’s Got Talent, where he was one of the judges.


In 2012, there was a cast reunion, and 12 of the actors met to share their memories of the show. You can check the video below!

Indeed, it was a show that changed television!

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