Unexpected Reasons Why Parents Forget Their Children In Vehicles, And One Simple Way To Avoid It


Unexpected Reasons Why Parents Forget Their Children In Vehicles, And One Simple Way To Avoid It



Probably, all parents who read about the horrible stories of children left to death in hot cars are pretty confident it could happen to anyone else but them. Unfortunately, statistics show the opposite. It appears, there are multiple reasons why parents forget their kids in the car. Needless to say, some of these reasons are pretty unexpected.


Disturbing statistics

Did you know that according to the recent statistics, around 37 children in the US die every year after being left in a hot car?


The worst part is that this number grows every year. Leaving children unattended in vehicles is not just wrong but fatal in most cases. But why is this still happening? Is it the parents’ fault or there are other reasons?

Why parents forget to take their children out of cars

Sadly, but an average adult lives in a constant stress on a daily basis. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 40 million adults in the US are affected by depression-related disorders. Do you think you can be one of them?

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More often, we see people feeling overwhelmed because of the everyday pressures, which lead to the lack of sleep, fatigue, and anxiety. Do you recognize someone of your friends or colleagues here, or maybe yourself?

Living in a constant stress is not only harmful to your health – it can be very dangerous for your surroundings. Our close people should not suffer from our mistakes. But children do suffer!

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Maybe it’s time to take some measures and stop this sad statistics of kids’ deaths?! We think it’s something we all have to do immediately.

Interesting and simple way to not leave your child in a car

Dear parents, in case you suffer from stress or depression, do not neglect to seek a professional help for the sake of your children.

In case some parents are too busy and frustrated on a regular basis, we have some simple and interesting method from one of our readers how not to forget kids in the car.

Ricki Feist shared this tip, which could be useful for other parents:

When placing a child in their car seat, remove your left shoe and put it on the back seat next to the child’s seat. As you exit the car, you will realize you aren’t wearing your left shoe, which reminds you to get your child out of the car.

Instead of your shoes, you can leave any other important for you stuff, like a purse, a key, a briefcase, or anything else.

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We really hope parents will realize their responsibility and finally grow up to understand a kid is not a toy. Children’s safety and happiness are in our own hands.

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