Hero That We Deserve! Girl Fights Against Men Who Spread Their Legs Too Much In Public Transport


Hero That We Deserve! Girl Fights Against Men Who Spread Their Legs Too Much In Public Transport



Those who use public transport know how unbearable it can be: people pushing each other, stinky and smelly bodies, sometimes whining pets and crying children. All that can surely make anybody mad. Adding to this, there is one more irritating phenomenon, which is called manspreading. We are pretty much accustomed to this phenomenon and don’t even think of it when we see men spreading their legs, thereby taking up more than just one seat. The term has even got in the dictionary of neologisms in 2015.

Why is it annoying?

When a person sits in such manner, they take two places in transport. In addition, this violates the personal space of other people sitting next to them. Few people are pleased to feel the touch of a stranger’s legs and feet.

Manspreading is considered an actual administrative offense in New York. However, in Russia, nobody cares about such behavior. Well, nobody cared, until one day. One girl from Saint Petersburg, Russia, decided to put an end to this outrageous phenomenon. Anna Dovgalyuk held a protest against the habit that really disturbs a lot of people in a really peculiar way.

She shot her actions on camera and uploaded on YouTube. Anna poured concentrated bleach on the crotch of every perpetrator she managed to find. The bleach left indelible stains on the men’s clothes, sort of marking them. The girl wants manspreading to be banned by law.

In 2016, some American women also tackled this problem, but in a much more delicate manner. They shot a video about how they were manspreading for a week. Women spread their legs wide in transport to mimic the "typical" men, and that’s how it looked like:

You can fight this problem and defeat ignorance all over the country. Or you stay out of this. What would you choose? Do you also think men shouldn’t spread their legs like that or maybe feminism has gone way too far?

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