Tim McGraw Is Doing Fine After His Collapse On Stage. However, He May Need To Make A Few Changes In His Life


Tim McGraw Is Doing Fine After His Collapse On Stage. However, He May Need To Make A Few Changes In His Life



From the looks of things, Tim McGraw is recovering well since he collapsed this past weekend, and we may be seeing him back on stage pretty soon.

He was "super dehydrated"

The singer was in the middle of a performance in Dublin, Ireland when he suddenly dropped to his knees right there on stage. Tim was struggling to breathe, and assistants quickly carried him backstage to receive medical care.

Later on, Tim’s wife, Faith Hill, came out to let the audience know that her husband would not be returning to the stage for that performance. He was "super dehydrated," she said.

I apologize, but I made the decision that he cannot come back out onstage.

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Since then, fans have been worried about Tim’s state of health, and many people just wanted to know that he’s alright. Recent reports seem to suggest that we have nothing to worry about.

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He’s recovering well

TMZ recently reported that Tim is doing well since his collapse, but he may need to make a few lifestyle changes to ensure he stays in tip-top shape.

In a video published on the website, TMZ caught up with Tim as he landed at JFK Airport a couple of days ago. One thing is for sure, he was looking much better. He confirmed that. "Not bad," Tim replied when he was asked how he was feeling.


He also reportedly told the publication that he would need to take things easy for a while. Tim, who has been leading a fit lifestyle lately, may have to cut down on his gym activities.

What we can learn from this

A lot of us seem to overestimate what our body is capable of, especially when we do not give it the fuel it needs. One way to prevent problems with dehydration is to drink more water.

According to Meryl Pritchard, certified nutritionist and founder of Kore Kitchen, a regular intake of water helps you think clearly, have energy, and function optimally.

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We hope Tim continues to feel better. We cannot wait to see him back and rocking the stage like only he can.

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