This Puzzle With Birds Will Train Your Creative Thinking


This Puzzle With Birds Will Train Your Creative Thinking



Creative thinking is an important part in the life of every modern person. Even in an interview, there is always the chance of hearing a question to test your creativity and ingenuity. Today, we suggest checking your skills in a bit calmer environment. We prepared for you an interesting riddle where you will need to understand how many birds are depicted in the picture, and most importantly, how those birds are called.

This Birds’ Puzzle Will Train Your Creative Thinking' src='

Don’t rush to scroll down if you don’t want to know the result ahead of time.

Are you ready to give the right answer?


Have you decided on both the number and the species?

Then, it’s time to find out the right answer. We have also prepared a few interesting facts about these birds to make it more knowledgeable.

This Birds’ Puzzle Will Train Your Creative Thinking' src='

A number of the birds in the picture is 7.

1. Pelican

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This bird looks very unusual because of its cumbersome beak. However, such huge beak helps pelican catch fish – the main dish in the bird’s diet. Pelican’s ancestors appeared 40-50 million years ago. These birds are unique, as they have no related species in wild nature. Apart from that, this bird is quite famous in iconography, as some people used it to depict Jesus Christ.

2. Owl

owl in the forest' src=' Tunnicliffe /

Long time ago, different nations gave the owl all kinds of meanings. The owl is often known as the embodiment of wisdom. However, in Chinese culture, the owl often acts as a symbol of evil. Its neck, thanks to its unusual structure, can rotate 270 degrees around. The most favorite food for owls are hedgehogs.

3. Wood grouse

bird in walk' src=' /

Black, brown, and green are a particular color combination of a male wood grouse. The females are much smaller in size and have gray or reddish feathers. During singing, the wood grouse loses its hearing. These birds move mainly on the ground, as their weight can reach up to 14 lbs, making them too heavy to fly all the time.

4. Swan


Swan has always been a symbol of love, devotion, and loyalty. There are a lot of incredible stories connected with this bird. All the swans that swim in the River Thames have been considered the property of the royal family since the 12th century.

5. Woodpecker

bird on wood, bird' src=' /

Woodpeckers make a hole in the bark just to get food for themselves. Their tongue is covered with a special adhesive coating, making it easy to get insects. Woodpeckers are tapping their beak on the trunk to announce about the readiness to create a pair. Woodpeckers nestle in hollows and can lay up to 12 eggs.

6. Heron

bird in waterAstrid Gast /

The heron’s secret is in the peculiar stand. It doesn’t stay on one leg because it wants to. The water is often cold, and the heron warms its feet one after another in such position. The most famous long-living heron dies at the age of 25.

7. Sparrow

bird on wood, sparrow' src=' /

The sparrow is a constant lover, making a pair for years. Until the 60s, there were no sparrows in America. They were soon brought from England to fight caterpillars. The sparrow has twice as many vertebrae in its neck as the giraffe. Most sparrows move on the ground by jumps due to short legs.

Here they are, all seven birds! We hope you managed to solve this creative puzzle. Are you satisfied with the result? Share with us in the comments.

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