They Just Can't Let It Slide! The Most Indelicate Zodiac Signs


They Just Can't Let It Slide! The Most Indelicate Zodiac Signs



There’s an opinion that being straightforward and genuine is the foundation of a healthy relationship, both friendly and romantic. On the one hand, that’s right. On the other, though, where do we draw the line between being frank and simply rude?


Many people prefer to let it slide and later find a good time to say something to their close one. But some individuals tend to voice their every thought, completely disregarding the fact that they might hurt someone’s feelings.

So which zodiac family members can’t seem to keep silent when they really should?

5 most tactless zodiac signs

1. Aries


This sign’s representatives simply can’t lie, that’s why they will tell you the whole truth to every, even awkward, question. Arians see this world in black and white. For them, there’s either the truth or falsehood. They only learn that you can present the same information in different ways and more delicately from bitter experience.

2. Virgo


These people will lie only as the last resort. And the truth spoken by Virgos comes across quite tough. What’s interesting is that hurting someone is the last thing they want to do and they always have the best intentions.

3. Taurus


They try to avoid conflicts in all possible ways, but sometimes Taureans can’t hold their tongue and instead voice what’s on their mind. They don’t like to lie and aren’t good at it. The only time they may tell a little lie is if they want to save face.

4. Cancer


This sign’s representatives are so straightforward that they’re on the verge of being tactless. Generally, Cancers are loving and caring, but they believe that by telling the truth, they are being considerate of other person’s feelings, albeit not always the case. However, Cancerians’ family is used to turning a blind eye to their lack of tact.

5. Sagittarius


These individuals like to be honest and open with the people around them. And Sagittarian’s excessive frankness often causes people to really get mad at them. Representatives of this sign can’t help but share their opinion on everything, even when being that straightforward is totally inappropriate.

Have you recognized yourself or any of your close ones? We’re waiting for your answers in the comments below!

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