"There’s Something So Empowering About Being." Mila Kunis Talks About The Importance Of Every Moment Of Life


"There’s Something So Empowering About Being." Mila Kunis Talks About The Importance Of Every Moment Of Life



Mila Kunis was recently interviewed by Marie Claire. The actress shared some pretty interesting nuggets of wisdom about the moments of her life. Mila will appear on magazine’s cover in November issue also talked about motherhood and how it changed her.

While speaking to the magazine, Kunis revealed the words she lives by. "We could get struck by lightning any second. So why worry?" She added that things are going to happen; however, you just need to accept this and embrace the present.

There’s something so empowering about being.


In an excerpt from the interview, the "Bad Moms" actress also revealed that motherhood has taught her to be "selfless."

I’m ragged tired. Who cares? My kids are healthy, I’m happy.


Mila Kunis and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, have always been very vocal about their parenting experiences. Kunis’ refreshingly brutal take on motherhood has endeared many mom fans all over the world. She has inspired many mothers to stop being so hard on themselves as perfection is impossible.

Last year, during an interview with E!, the actress talked about the importance of maintaining a healthy perspective and not trying too hard to be everything to everyone.

There’s no such thing as balance. It doesn’t exist.

In an interview with Glamour, she said that, "I’ve realized you can control only so much," making reference to the fact that a lot of moms often need to have that sense of control over their children. But the reality is, you cannot really determine how their personalities are shaped. You just have to instill the right values and let them be their own persons.


Her husband, Ashton Kutcher, often expressed how being a father has made him a different and better man. Earlier this year, the 39-year-old actor credited his family for making him the kind of person that he is today. His kids have made so much of a strong impression that he developed a newfound respect for what his own parents did for him.

I wanted to call my parents and say, ‘I’m sorry because I never knew how much you loved me.’

This couple has been together since 2012 and has two kids together – a boy named Dimitri Portwood and a daughter, Wyatt.

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