Terminally Ill Man Pre-Paid Flower Delivery Service For Daughter's Birthdays


Terminally Ill Man Pre-Paid Flower Delivery Service For Daughter's Birthdays



Every person dreams of spending birthday in the circle of family and friends. And gifts in these situations are not as important as the feeling of warmth, peace, and happiness. But unfortunately, sometimes, people can’t spend this special day with everyone they love.

Bailey Sellers’ father passed away when she was 16 years old. He has lost his battle with cancer, and the girl felt devastated and couldn’t imagine her life without dad. They had a really strong connection, and at the time, the man decided to find out the way how to stay with her, even after the death. He pre-paid the flower delivery for Bailey’s future birthdays, so she could feel his presence during this special event.

This year, Bailey received a wonderful bouquet and a card with a personal note. The young woman made a post on Twitter, writing how much she misses him. She also noted that this year is the last one to receive birthday flowers from dad.

As it turned out, this case is not the only one. Chandler Mae Crow has shared a touching story of her family on Facebook. Her brother Johnny received a special birthday gift from his dad who passed away just two months before he turned 16. He ordered the guitar of his son’s dreams so that Johnny could receive it on his birthday. Chandler made sure the father’s final wish came true, and blindfolded Johnny to the Port Huron Music to get the guitar. His reaction is priceless:

And this woman keeps receiving flowers for Valentine’s Day from her husband even after his death. Golay’s husband, Jim, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014. It was terminal cancer, and both knew that one day the woman would end up being alone. But Jim wanted to make a Valentine’s Day special for the wife so that she would never feel alone. The woman still gets flowers that are the real testament of his love.

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