“Sexual Predator”: BBC Released A Documentary About Donald Trump On The Eve Of His Visit To The UK


“Sexual Predator”: BBC Released A Documentary About Donald Trump On The Eve Of His Visit To The UK



One of the most respected and prestigious British media institutions, BBC, has prepared not so pleasant surprise for President Trump amid his official visit to England.


Does BBC have something against Donald Trump?

President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth during his official trip to the UK. Donald and his wife Melania are going to join the Queen for a tea in the Windsor Castle on Friday afternoon.


Допис, поширений The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily)

But it looks like England is not really happy to welcome American president. Prior to his visit to the UK, the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, released a video based on a series of interviews with women who accused Trump of sexual harassment in a different time.

BBC’s Panorama made an announcement on their official Twitter account with the following message:

"It was like a predator in action." Tonight’s programme is about @realDonaldTrump’s alleged behavior towards women in the 80s and 90s.

Guilty or not guilty?

Donald Trump indeed has been accused of sexual assault by over twenty women in the 80s and 90s. Among the most widely-known claims are those from Stormy Daniels and Rachel Crooks who said they were harassed by Trump in 2006.


In his turn, Donald denies any allegations against him. In Trump’s defense, we can say that neither of these claims had been confirmed.


#MeToo and its positive sides

The problem of sexual harassment generated a national outrage in 2017 when multiple famous women opened up about their sad experience with assault.

Oprah Winfrey even recalled the #MeToo Movement and the importance of helping all women tell their true stories during her speech at the Golden Globe Awards.


Jennifer Lopez is also a great supporter of the #MeToo Movement and stresses on its importance for today’s women. The singer told in one of her interviews:

Of course, I always support women speaking up. I’m super-excited about the time we are living in right now — especially for my daughter.


A lot of other famous men and women also praise the positive impact of #MeToo on the future generation of strong, confident, and powerful young ladies.


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