Royal Expert Says Reconciliation Between Duchess Meghan And Her Family May No Longer Be On The Horizon


Royal Expert Says Reconciliation Between Duchess Meghan And Her Family May No Longer Be On The Horizon



The headlines continue to flash with abusive words coming from the Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister Samantha. Now, she claims if their father, Thomas Markle Sr., dies, she will blame Meghan. Previously, Thomas wasn’t able to attend his daughter’s wedding because of his heart surgery.

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Now, the Hollywood is taking the duchess’ side with actress Olivia Munn saying Samantha is “real angry” and “says a lot of crazy stuff.” Sharon Osbourne didn’t hold back either, claiming that Meghan’s father has “a bad drinking problem.”

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But royal expert Katie Nicholl assures that the reason why Thomas is overweight lies in his eating habits but not drinking. She also revealed that he might not see his royal daughter any time soon (or ever?).

Reconciliation is not possible

Nicholl believes that the fact that Meghan’s relatives didn’t respect her wish of staying quiet and continue to shake the press with their words made reconciliation “almost impossible now.” She said:

I don’t think there are any concrete plans at the moment for Meghan to go out and see her father. I don’t even believe they have spoken on the phone since the day of the royal wedding.


The Royal family’s plan to deal with Meghan’s scandals

Nicholl thinks that Kensington Palace has its own strategy to deal with the scandals like that. She explained:

Say nothing, don’t dignify these comments, these interviews, these articles with a response.


What about Meghan? Katie thinks the duchess has the situation under control with the support of her husband. The expert noted Meghan’s steel-like strength, saying she will “ride out the storm.”


Which side did the social media take?

We are certain that Meghan can deal with this situation, as she has the royal family by her side, and they dealt with their share of scandals magnificently well before.

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