Punctured Sole? Prince William Spotted With A 'Hole In His Shoe' At The World Economic Forum


Punctured Sole? Prince William Spotted With A 'Hole In His Shoe' At The World Economic Forum



The British Royals are sensational even with their insignificant wardrobe malfunctions. Just now, fans pointed out one in Prince William’s footwear. We bet the Duke couldn’t catch that flaw himself!

On January 22, the Duke of Cambridge flew all the way to Switzerland to mark his royal attendance at the World Economic Forum held in Davos.

There, the whole community emphasized preserving natural resources as doing so can ultimately affect finances on a large scale. Prince William conversed with many influential personalities, including Her Majesty, Queen Maxima of The Netherlands. That’s our world, on the verge of a change!

Hole in the sole

At first glance, everything seems to befit the perfectionist Prince, but a second take reveals something’s off. Prince William got important updates about climate change and looking after the environment from Sir David Attenborough. Right in the middle of the interview, the Duke crossed his legs and his shoe revealed a giant hole in it. Hilariously, Sir David’s candid pose looks like he noticed it, too. Winks!

The sole of one of his oxfords was possibly punctured or stained black. Either way, Prince William’s wardrobe team might be to blame for this. No worries though, the kind Duke may forgo it!


Fans noticed it right away

Social media users not only spotted it, but they also suggested theories on how the hole might have been found its way into the Prince’s shoe. Some of the commentators offered his walk across the venue. as the reason While he was strolling on foot, chewing gum might have stuck to the royal shoe. Quite the mystery!

Can you see something the Twitterverse is missing? Share this and solve the puzzle of the ‘Hole in the Sole’!

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