Outstanding Duet! Barry Gibb And Barbra Streisand Perform 'Guilty', And It Melts Our Hearts


Outstanding Duet! Barry Gibb And Barbra Streisand Perform 'Guilty', And It Melts Our Hearts



Often musicians collaborate for a duet to either attract more fans or raise their popularity. Such collaborations can be a remarkable masterpiece of music. 

Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand duet

Barbra Streisand was red-hot on the Billboard Hot 100, with eight consecutive top 40 hits in two years.

Around that same time, Barry Gibb was enjoying his career. He had six straight No 1 singles with the Bee Gees between 1977 and 1979.

The diva teamed up with the Bee Gee for Guilty the album and her single Woman in Love. On October 25, 1980, both the album and single topped the charts.

After seeing the Bee Gees perform at a concert in 1979, Streisand met Gibb with the idea of a collaboration.

However, the collaboration almost didn’t happen: Gibb told Billboard in 1983, that he was nervous about the offer at first, due to stories he had heard about how tough Streisand is. His concerns were, however, proved unfounded. 

When two world legends join their voices

Gibb co-produced the album Guilty and co-wrote the songs. The record went on to become the biggest-selling release of Streisand’s amazing career.

With the album, in October 1980, Streisand also topped the Billboard 200.


As a result of the collaboration, the album got two more top 10 hits.

Streisand and Gibb reunited for Guilty Pleasures twenty-five years later, and it still melts our hearts.

‘Woman in Love’

This is another amazing collaboration from the two music legends. Words can’t describe the feeling of this beautiful piece.


Kudos to the talented duo.

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