Melania Trump Looks Fabulous In Every Photo, And Now We Share Her 6 Beauty Tips


Melania Trump Looks Fabulous In Every Photo, And Now We Share Her 6 Beauty Tips



Melania Trump is a constant camera pleaser. Her outfits are always particularly flattering, and she seems to know the right angles to be photographed. Little wonder, though, because unlike the average rookie poser, she has loads of experience.

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Before becoming FLOTUS, Mrs. Trump was a model. Starting from a young age, she developed an interest in fashion. As a young child, she would knit her own sweaters and pose in clothes sewn by her mother.

After a brief stint on the runway in Slovenia, she left to model in Europe and the United States. In 1998, Melania was at the Fashion Week in New York. It was there she met with Donald Trump. Although their relationship was off to a rocky start, the couple eventually began a love affair.

Thank you #Ohio! Great mtg American heroes at AMVETS Post 44 event & thanks to all who came out to support @POTUS at rally! #MAGA ????????

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By January 2005, Melania and Donald were married in a lavish ceremony that saw international guests in attendance. The wedding is said to have cost at least $1 million, with her dress alone costing about $200,000.

And the former Slovenian model was on her way to becoming the FLOTUS.

Melania’s beauty tips

Over the course of her career, Melania maintained a sterling beauty, of the kind that always gets attention. Despite her stern look, she always has flawless skin on display and is constantly radiant. This kind of beauty is highly coveted these days. And as a special treat, we will be sharing some of Melania’s beauty secrets.

1. She works out

While still living in New York, Melania would take long walks with ankle weights. A former roommate of hers shared this interesting beauty secret. For her, this is the healthy routine that kept her in shape, and even now with the rigors of being the FLOTUS attached.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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2. Eat fruits

She used to eat 7 fruits a day when she was a model and likely continues even now. Fruits are very good deoxidants and help the skin breathe by encouraging the release of harmful toxins. Thus, it is one secret of her constantly glowing skin.

3. Drink water

Matthew Atanian, another old roommate of Mrs. Trump and a photographer, adds that Melania would drink lots of water. Hydration is very important, just like antioxidants. It helps flush the system.

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4. Avoid late nights

Melania prefers to stay indoors. This may come as a surprise for someone who worked in an industry that is synonymous with outdoor activities and late nights and parties. Being indoors actually keeps your skin away from the ravages caused by natural weathering by the elements.

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5. Beauty routine

Melania has a daily routine that involves some tonic with Vitamin C and also oxygen cream with vitamin A, C, and E., and she makes sure she washes off all her make-up before going to bed at night. You can never go wrong with moisturizer. Melania is known to always moisturize her skin to keep it from getting dry and chaffing. And that is the second secret to her glowing skin.

6. Absolutely no Botox!

For Melania, that is a golden rule. Over the years, many celebrities have taken this route to maintain their pretty faces, but not Melania. Speaking at an interview in 2011, she made her position very clear on the issue. She does not use Botox and does not encourage it.

A lot of people say I am using all the procedures for my face. I didn’t do anything. I think it’s damaging your face, damaging your nerves. It’s all me. I will age gracefully, as my mom does.

People still talk about her beauty

She may be far from the catwalk now, but the FLOTUS is still getting some major attention. Here are some comments about her appearance captured on social media.


So, stick with Melania’s tips, and you probably will get that FLOTUS look in no time.

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