Judge Judy Revealed Why She Divorced Her First Husband: "He Always Viewed My Job As A Hobby"


Judge Judy Revealed Why She Divorced Her First Husband: "He Always Viewed My Job As A Hobby"



If you’re a fan of court shows, you probably know who Judge Judy Sheindlin is. The 75-year-old prosecution lawyer has been a TV star ever since her show premiered back in 1996. On Judge Judy, Sheindlin adjudicates small claim disputes and has to make tough rulings.

You can’t imagine her working anywhere but in the courtroom, right? But did you know that in real life, her desire to work and pursue career has not been supported by her husband?

She even had to leave him!

Judy graduated in the 60s, got a very unsatisfying job first, then got pregnant with her first child from her husband, attorney Ronald Levy, and soon welcomed her second kid. Hence, she had to put her career on hold for some time.


But Judy quickly grew bored with being a mom and a housewife. She went back to school for a Master’s degree and got back to work. Unfortunately, Levy didn’t take his wife’s job seriously. As the judge told Fox News:

My first husband is a lovely, lovely man, but he always viewed my job as a hobby, and there came a time where I resented that.


Judy and Ronald grew apart and in 1976, after 12 years of marriage, they got divorced. Luckily, she met Jerry Sheindlin a year later. They have been together ever since, aside from a one-year break-up.

What keeps their relationship strong?


It was a brief split. During that year, Judy realized she missed Jerry too much. And she also learned a few valuable lessons about the men of that generation:

They expect, even if they have no right, they expect to be taken care of or catered to.


Besides, unlike her first husband, Sheindlin was also a big support when his wife’s self-titled show premiered, which might have also made the relationship stronger.

After some bumps in the way, it’s nice that Judy found someone supportive to spend the rest of her life with!

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