Man Steals Woman’s Parking Spot But Fails To Get Out Of The Car


Man Steals Woman’s Parking Spot But Fails To Get Out Of The Car



Unfortunately, the situation with parking is usually quite severe and complicated in most places. It’s quite an adventure to find a place for parking in densely occupied areas. This situation is quite common for most big cities and it is rather hard to get parked searching for a vacant slot.

The woman from the video was driving a tiny red car and was picking up a parking slot. She managed to find one and was already preparing for a maneuver to park when, all of a sudden, she came across a rude driver who occupied the chosen slot. The girl would not hesitate and squeezed her miniature auto into the remaining opening between the rude fellow’s one and the one that had already been parked before. She clamped the enemy in between.

Broth3r John / YouTube

Broth3r John / YouTube

Broth3r John / YouTube

They were parked so close it was impossible to get out, as there was no space to open the doors. The rude driver was just sitting inside of the car and thinking what to do next. But the woman didn’t get confused and decided to get a sweet revenge!

It turned out that the woman’s car is convertible. So she transformed it in such a way so she could get out easily. The man in the white car didn’t have such an opportunity, and the only way to get out was to change the parking spot.

The woman is so creative! She managed to give him a good life lesson that it is unacceptable to be rude on the road.

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