Man, Born Without A Hand, Creates Free Prosthetic Limbs For Kids


Man, Born Without A Hand, Creates Free Prosthetic Limbs For Kids



Everybody is born equal and should have the same rights and opportunities as everybody else. Unfortunately, sometimes, people who were born with certain physical disabilities do not have a possibility to fully enjoy life, as they are limited in certain actions.

Stephen Davis is one of those people who face this problem. For quite a long time he used to live without using a prosthetic limb and often felt uncomfortable in daily life. After some time, he finally decided to get one, but was very disappointed by the look of the hands that were offered. Stephen made a post on the internet, where he described all his feelings concerning this sphere. It was seen by one of the e-NABLE volunteers who offered Stephen to design a special prosthesis on a 3D printer.

Of course, Stephen agreed and was very satisfied with the result. After this experiment, he decided to build his own organization, which he later called Team UnLimbited. The aim of it is to create unusual designs of prosthetic limbs for kids. Children can choose various models and in this way, they have an opportunity to show off their personality.

Stephen Davies / YouTube

Stephen Davies / YouTube

Stephen Davies / YouTube

Since the beginning of the project, Stephen Davis has already done Iron Man, Harry Potter, Lego, Spider-Man, and many other designs. The main goal is to make children feel comfortable with the new arm, and the prosthesis should look cool enough to show their friends.

Stephen was able to reduce the price of a prosthetic limb, and it costs him around $25 to create one. But children and their parents do not have to pay anything, as Team UnLimbited cover all costs through donations.

This man is a real savior for those kids, who were born without an arm, and an inspiration for everybody!

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