Looks Like Meghan Markle Finally Gives Up To Royal Rule And Changes Her Behavior, Although It’s ‘Painful’ For Her


Looks Like Meghan Markle Finally Gives Up To Royal Rule And Changes Her Behavior, Although It’s ‘Painful’ For Her



The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the royal watchers excited again as they appeared together at Nelson Mandela exhibition to commemorate South African leader.

The couple looked very proper and put-together with their outfits perfectly complimenting each other. It seemed like nothing has changed as Meghan looked as gorgeous as usual and Harry’s smile lightened up the room. But yet there was something different about the couple’s behavior towards each other.


According to Judi James, an author and body language expert, the Duchess changed her usual demeanor.

Following the royal rule

Judi claims that when Meghan first started dating Prince Harry, she appeared as a confident and eloquent American woman, who knows what she wants. But after their marriage, the former actress lost herself in the royal protocol rulebook.


Now, James thinks the Duchess regained her confidence. Perhaps she feels more comfortable in her role. But there is still something she finds hard to do. It’s difficult for Meghan to avoid physical contact on the public.


It is something that most royal couples use as a rule, which for Meghan is almost “painful” to follow, says Judi. However, the dynamic has changed on the couple’s last public engagement. The Duchess of Sussex can be seen checking herself as she tries to touch her husband.


Judi says:

Meghan swapped her bag back to her right hand and lifted her free hand in what looked like a truncated bid to take Harry’s hand as they walked into the venue but then she seemed to check herself, suggesting they are under some pressure to avoid PDAs.


Too much PDA

Previously, Meghan was brutally criticized by social media for showing too much affection to her husband with people accusing the Duchess of “clinging” onto Prince Harry.


Maybe that affected her behavior or the newlyweds were simply told to keep public displays of affection to a minimum. The question is, will we ever see them holding hands again?

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