Looking Forward To The Wedding: Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby Speaks On His Preparations For The Ceremony


Looking Forward To The Wedding: Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby Speaks On His Preparations For The Ceremony



Together with the royal couple, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is also getting prepared for the royal wedding. An experienced priest is confident but still has a bit of worry when thinking about the greatest wedding of 2018.


Royal tradition

The royal wedding continues to amaze people with the new details day after day. Recently, it turned out that Prince William can accompany Meghan Markle on the way to the aisle during the ceremony.


She immediately refused to ask her reclusive father to do that and wanted her mom to be near her at that moment. However, that is not how the royal traditions are built up. Prince William will probably replace Meghan’s mother during the ceremony.

Archbishop’s preparation

Another significant person during the wedding will be one who is responsible for the ceremony itself – the priest. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has recently shared that for him, it will be like another wedding similar to all the previous ones but simply a bit bigger:

You should do just what you do for other weddings. It’s just on an infinitely larger scale.

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He also discussed the previous mistakes that he had made on the other ceremonies, including the ones of his own children:

I try and remember, unlike recent weddings, I must not drop the ring, as I did for one of my staff when I took their wedding. I must not forget to get the vows in the right order as I did at the rehearsal for one of my children’s weddings – fortunately not for the real thing.


On the reminder that the wedding will be broadcast around the world, Justin said that he was trying not to think about it.

One step closer

Previously, Meghan Markle was reported to be baptized on March 6th during the ceremony on the Kensington Palace grounds. The procedure was officiated by Archbishop Justin as well, so it will be not a new experience for him to work with the royals.


Less than two months have left to the long-awaited event of 2018. We can’t wait more but will patiently monitor all the related news about the wedding.


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