Larry King's Cancer Story: One Simple Thing Saved The Veteran Talk-Show Host From Lung Cancer, And He Encourages You To Do The Same


Larry King's Cancer Story: One Simple Thing Saved The Veteran Talk-Show Host From Lung Cancer, And He Encourages You To Do The Same



You’ve probably heard it many times, or read in so many articles, but it is true: Regular medical checkups save one’s life. Maybe you will take things seriously if you hear it from Larry King himself. One of the greatest talk-show hosts hopes his frightening health experience will serve as an example to as many people as possible.


Unexpected horrific discovery

Larry King admits that it is all thanks to his past heart attack. The man undergoes the chest X-ray every year as a part of his medical checkup protocol. And recently, during one of the regular procedures, his doctor discovered a small spot in his lungs that later was identified as stage 1 lung cancer. Larry explains:

I have a checkup every year. I’ve gone through a lot in my life — I’ve had a heart attack and heart surgery. Part of my checkup is the chest X-ray, and that is the protocol. I do it every year, … it was always normal. Then, the doctor says, ‘I see a little spot here’.

Regular checkups saved Larry

If not the annual checkup, the malignant tumor would have probably progressed. Larry King successfully underwent surgery where the doctors removed the tumor. The 84-year-old man is now determined to undergo such checkups two times a year to monitor his lungs.

He had been smoking for 30 years, three packs a day. Larry quit after the day he had a heart attack and has never smoked again. The doctors believe that the unhealthy habit from the past was connected to the development of lung cancer.

Thanks to the regular checkup, the tumor was spotted early on. It gave doctors an opportunity to perform rather safe surgery and remove it:

They went in through my ribs with a tiny camera and snipped it out. I only had a little pain and some shortness of breath, but once my speech is back full, – and that took about a week – I went right back to work.

Monitor your body!

Larry King had also been diagnosed with prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes, and yet the man is still alive and jokes he will probably die on the air. The famous broadcaster believes he can help people by spreading his story, thus stressing the importance of annual checkups:

They said I was lucky and smart to get annual chest X-rays because lung cancer doesn’t give you any signs until it’s in late stages. I talked about it and felt that I helped a lot of people. I want people to make sure to get annual X-rays.

We wish Larry King, the father of five, more healthy years ahead, and we are grateful for raising awareness. Regular checkups can save your life, as sometimes you might not even experience any symptoms until it is too late. Take care and stay healthy!

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