Keeping Promises: This Dad Melted Our Hearts By Doing An Embarrassing Favor For His Daughter

Keeping Promises: This Dad Melted Our Hearts By Doing An Embarrassing Favor For His Daughter

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August 23, 2018 17:14

Some people were put on this Earth to become parents. We hear many stories about great moms and dads who always put their children first and never stop proving how much they love their little bundles of joy. However, we want to turn our attention to a father, who completely melted our hearts with his dedication to his daughter, and share his adorable story with all of you.

Keeping promises as a loving father

Keenan Watkins absolutely adores his two children, Ash and Aayla. He shared a story on Love What Matters blog on Facebook, and we can just feel the love in his every word. Keenan didn’t shy away from revealing how he prefers to address his daughter, and it’s incredibly cute:

…in our family, little nicknames run rampant. I call her Baby Poo, Baby Girl, Baby Squirrel, Princess, Pony Princess…it goes on and on. Just a small way of letting her know that she is special, to me.

Watkins started his story by sharing a very unusual request his daughter once had for him. Little Aayla has a favorite doll she calls Davey, so she asked her daddy to take Davey everywhere he goes for one day.

At the time, Keenan was distracted with dinner preparations so he agreed to his daughter’s favor. Once he realized what actually happened, there was no going back. Watkins had to keep his cool, despite knowing that he has a confusing day ahead of him:

It was at this point that I realized exactly what I had just agreed to, and there was no going back. I do not purposely lie to my daughter, and I do not purposely let her down. ‘You know it, Squirrel! Me and my grandson are gonna do it all!’ 

The father wasn’t about to let his daughter down after she got so excited. In addition, Aayla asked her daddy to get Davey some clothes, and Keenan knew he had to take the doll shopping.

Watkins believes in keeping promises to his children, so next day he headed out with a doll to keep him company. He immediately went to Goodwill to look for clothes for Davey. Keenan strapped the doll to his cart and went about his business, trying to ignore everyone’s puzzled stares.

In Keenan’s own words, he was an interesting sight to see:

250 pound, six foot two, tattooed man wearing a shirt that says ‘Punisher’, who has what is, clearly, a doll strapped into his cart.

Despite the embarrassment, Watkins was able to explain to some people what he was going on, and they were delighted with his story. Keenan took some pictures for Aayla, and got Davey some nice clothes, so the day was a success.

Watkins finished his story by saying that he’s ready to do anything for his kids, but that doesn’t make him special, it just means he’s a father:

I’m just a Daddy that wants his kids to truly understand that I love them. I want them to be happy, and would gladly take on a potentially embarrassing situation, in order to keep my promise to them. Father of the year? Hardly. Father? You bet.

Keeping promises to children develops trust with them, and it’s very important to build a strong bond with your little ones. Even if your kids are asking for something kind of embarrassing, isn’t the smile on their beautiful faces worth it?

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