Mom Loses Her Two Sons To Drugs On The Same Day, But Decides To Use Her Story To Help Other Kids

Mom Loses Her Two Sons To Drugs On The Same Day, But Decides To Use Her Story To Help Other Kids

The death of a child is probably one of the most tragic and horrible things that can happen in our life. This woman lost two young sons on the same day. She decided to turn her grief into action and to spread an important message to the whole society.

Rebecca Savage used to talk about drugs and alcohol with her sons, aged 18 and 19. But they’ve never discussed prescription drugs.

The worst day of this woman’s life happened on June 14, 2015, when her sons came back from the graduation party.

Rebecca’s sons were not drug abusers. All they did is saying ‘yes’ when someone offered a pill on the party. Later, it was discovered that they died after mixing alcohol with the painkiller prescription drug oxycodone. 

After the tragic event, the woman was completely devastated and couldn’t imagine her life without boys. Nevertheless, she decided to take actions and change something in this life. Since then, Rebecca has spoken to about 60,000 students and their parents. The woman wants to help teens find a way to say no when they’re offered drugs of any kind.

Rebecca decided to pay tribute to her sons by creating a 525 Foundation, named after her son’s hockey numbers.

She teaches others to be careful and to avoid such situations. Rebecca also says there should be a safe word if kids are out with friends that signal that between them it’s time to leave a party.

As reported by the USA Today, Rebecca claims the exit plan is extremely important:

I talk a lot about sitting down and talking with your kids and coming up with an exit plan. It’s not a matter of if your kid will find themselves in a situation where prescription drugs will be offered, it’s a matter of when. We need to talk to our kids and come up with a plan about how they can get out of it.

Rebecca’s important message can save lives of so many young people!

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