Ivana Trump's Parenting Style: "Strict And Demanding But Always Loving And Affectionate"


Ivana Trump's Parenting Style: "Strict And Demanding But Always Loving And Affectionate"

Nowadays, parenting is one of the most discussed topics online. Mothers and fathers across the globe share their experience with each other. Isn’t it just great? Our children deserve the very best parents! According to Ivana Trump’s new book Raising Trump and her interviews, she was indeed a great mother. Let’s take a closer look at her parenting style!


Successful Trump kids

Many rich kids basically burn their lives and all the advantages. They grow up spoiled and miserable. However, Donald Jr., Erik, and Ivanka are not one of those kids. They’ve become successful adults, who have managed to build both successful careers and families. Even Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent, says his children are his best accomplishment:

I respect his children. His children are incredibly able and devoted, and I think that says a lot about Donald.

But the trio should actually thank Ivana for being a wonderful parent and transmitting her wisdom to them, as the busy daddy hasn’t always been there for them. Ivana Trump says she solely made all the decisions regarding the children’s education, activities, travel, etc. Basically, the mother ruled in that department, and Donald Trump was absolutely OK with that. The mother recalls her parenting principles:

I’m often asked about the secret to mothering success, and my answer is always the same: there’s no magic recipe. I told the kids, ‘Don’t lie, cheat, or steal. Don’t smoke, do drugs, or drink.’

Ivana’s parenting style

Moving on to the actual methods and principles, Ivana’s rule number one was discipline. The mother even created schedules for the children: when to wake up, when to go to school, etc. Her second instrument was keeping the children busy all the time. She would load them with thousand afterschool activities.

I was strict and demanding but always loving and affectionate. I encouraged sports and competitiveness, and enriched their lives by exposing them to different cultures and the arts. I always held them accountable for their actions and didn’t let them get away with anything.


The mother also taught her children to value money. She took them to Europe during the summer vacation, and the family took an economy class. When Ivanka asked her mother if the class can be upgraded, the mother answered that it could be upgraded only when she could afford it herself. The children had already started earning money when they were still at school. They were cutting the grass. Can you imagine the children of one of the richest people cutting the grass to get 5 dollars per hour?

Ivana’s parenting style seems to be strict but highly rewarding. Maybe, it is true that discipline is key to raise a successful child? What do you think?

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