Is He Immortal? "John Wick" Star Keanu Reeves Celebrates His 54th Birthday But Looks Way Younger


Is He Immortal? "John Wick" Star Keanu Reeves Celebrates His 54th Birthday But Looks Way Younger



He has worn many hats since the start of his career from actor to a musician, director, and producer. Now, he adds birthday boy to the long list. Canadian born Keanu Reeves celebrated his 54th birthday on Sunday, 2nd September.

Since the 1980’s, Reeves has thrilled fans with his demure performances and intensity. He is best known for “The Matrix” trilogy (1999-2003) and more recently for “John Wick.” Reeves has taken on a variety of roles in the span of his career, some that even the most talented actors in Hollywood dare not try.

He is also quite the musician and played bass guitar for bands Dogstar and Becky. In 2013, he directed his first feature, “Man of Tai Chi.” Despite bombing at the US Box Office, the film scored 71% on Rotten Tomatoes and even caught the attention of famous director, John Woo.

Is he immortal?

Reeves has been around the movie scene for as long as many of his fans remember. Oddly, the star does not seem to be aging much. Some conspiracy theorists have even suggested that Reeves may be immortal and a living an incarnation of a past self.

One of such speculators says that Reeves is actually Charlemagne or Charles the Great, the first emperor to rule Western Europe since the all of the Western Roman Empire.


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Another theory suggests he is also French actor Paul Monet who also featured in films but died in 1922 from heart disease.


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So what is Keanu Reeves’ big secret? Is he actually immortal as these conspiracies suggest? On the other hand, could he be a vampire who over centuries mastered the art of day walking?


The man with a big heart

We may have doubts about his humanity, but Reeves still gives us all enough proof that his heart beats warm. The actor is big on helping and despite having an estimated net worth of about $360million, he gives a lot to charity and lives a very simple life.

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Here is wishing you all the best in years to come, Keanu Reeves, now and in your next life.

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