How To Recognize A Female Psycho? 5 Key Signs To Keep In Mind


How To Recognize A Female Psycho? 5 Key Signs To Keep In Mind


When people hear about psychopaths, a gloomy image of a maniac with a peculiar appearance and a knife in a hand appears in their head. If we talk about a woman – most likely, a hysterical, overly emotional, and dangerous person will come to mind. However, you may not even suspect that an unbalanced person is sitting just next to you. Today, let’s talk about women and the possibility of detecting a female-psycho in your partner.

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Signs of a female psychopath

Many of them will seem completely ordinary to you, but if considered more thoroughly, some of your friends may turn out not as the people they present themselves.



If a woman considers herself more successful, more beautiful, and just better in everything than others, this is a bad sign. This doesn’t mean you will hear this from her directly. On the contrary, such person may smile and even praise you, but will say completely different things behind your back.

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Hidden aggression

A female psychopath won’t openly show her emotions. Instead, she will begin to use other methods: gossip about you with others, do unpleasant things when you don’t see, and even manipulate your emotions, trying to suppress and humiliate.


You have so much in common and want to spend time together, feeling mutual understanding and sincerity! However, be ready for the fact that she won’t let you go easily after that. You will be overwhelmed by her attention. If you try to take a break, she will become suspicious, aggressive, and angry. You are unlikely to build a happy family, go to work peacefully, and just fall asleep with such a partner.

Excessive kindness

It may seem this person is doing everything for a good relationship. However, a psychopathic woman eventually needs a victim. She is ready to smile, compliment you, spoil you rotten just to achieve this. She is like a spider, spinning her web until a naive person falls into the trap.

Too many emotions

We are all show emotions – both positive and negative. However, if the psychopath doesn’t like something or likes it too much, it can be compared to an explosion. And you hardly want to stand next to it.


What should you do?

While an unbalanced person should ask for help from specialists, you must try to understand the situation. Of course, if this is a close person, it’s difficult to break ties. Unfortunately, there is little chance you will be able to help. A person’s psychopathic character isn’t connected with desires, but with brain functioning. If you aren’t a specialist, here is what you can do:

  • stop blaming yourself;
  • try to protect yourself from the negative influence of a female psychopath;
  • don’t allow yourself to be manipulated;
  • don’t be afraid to break ties.


You shouldn’t torture yourself with such a relationship, even if you consider yourself a traitor. Your moral health is precious, while a friendship or relationship with such person will only lead to frustration and negative emotions. Take care of your well-being.

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.

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