Hollywood Lights Up As A Veteran Actress Helen Mirren Celebrates Her 73rd Birthday


Hollywood Lights Up As A Veteran Actress Helen Mirren Celebrates Her 73rd Birthday



For decades, she has stunned millions of fans with her amazing acting and charm. While a good number of her peers either quit acting altogether or relegated themselves to occasional appearances and cameos, Helen Mirren maintains her spot as one of the most celebrated A-list actors.


She first got interested in acting after seeing "Hamlet" in the theater. Mirren was just 13 at the time, but the show made such an impression on her that she decided that acting is her future. It’s no wonder she eventually found a place at the Royal Shakespeare Company.


She has played a plethora of roles, including the part of Queen of England. Even Queen Elizabeth II was impressed with Mirren’s performance in "The Queen", saying the film was her favorite in 2006.


Back in 2007, Mirren was voted as the sexiest older woman in the world after beating Dame Judy Dench and Meryl Streep in a tight contest. As for quirks, Mirren is not without some of her own. She reportedly travels with her personal stash of PG Tips tea bags.


73 hearty cheers for the birthday girl

Hollywood and millions of Mirren’s fans around the world celebrated her 73rd birthday on July 26. Tonnes of congratulations messages flooded the internet on her special day with nothing but the best wishes and prayers for the delightful superstar. And the celebration is far from over.

Mirren has carved a niche in Hollywood and has repeatedly proven how talented she is, landing numerous roles and different character types. Hope you had a blast Helen Mirren. Keep on inspiring women around the world!

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