Girl Saved Her "Dead" Hair, And Now She Has 20 Thousand Followers


Girl Saved Her "Dead" Hair, And Now She Has 20 Thousand Followers



A girl using the nickname capslockramen on Reddit became known to thousands of internet users owing to the story of her hair. Four years ago, she burnt her curls with hair irons and chemical hair straightening. The transformation she achieved within four years made her story viral!

Four year transformation, all from learning how to take care of my curls from r/curlyhair

Take a look at her photos before and after the transformation. The photo on the left shows the girl’s heavily damaged blond hair. And here comes the same girl with stunning healthy curls in the photo on the right! Judging by the statistics on this social website, the beauty immediately obtained 20 thousand followers!

"I always hated my hair," said the girl. She admits she was greatly inspired by her college roommate, an African American girl. The latter was quite surprised to find out that it was possible to dislike curly hair! These words made Capslockramen review her attitude to her own hair. And she finally came to the conclusion that all she wanted was beautiful healthy hair! "From now on, I will be in love with my curls!"

Alas, it was not enough to undergo hair treatment in a beauty salon and abstain from using hot hair irons. The girl had to cut off her "dead" hair and try to save her curls through constant home care.

"I know that all girls with curly hair know all these methods. I truly owe to this people. In particular, my college roommates who kindly shared their tricks and products with me," wrote the girl.

Anastasiia Kryzhanska /

Below is Capslockramen’s hair styling routine that became viral among internet users.

1. After showering, I squeeze the excess water from my hair.

2. Then I flip my head upside down.

3. I apply a generous amount of conditioner and distribute it evenly.

4. Then comes the cream that sculpts my curls.

5. I wrap my head in a cotton t-shirt just like with an ordinary towel. It perfectly removes excess moisture.

6. I leave the t-shirt on my hair for about ten minutes.

7. Then I flip my head upside down again and remove the t-shirt.

8. I dry my hair facing towards the scalp. I use a diffuser and make sure I dry my hair with warm (not hot!) air.

9. During the drying process, I remove the drops of water with a t-shirt. The whole process usually takes 20 minutes. Yes, I do take a break once in a while.

10. When my hair is almost dry, I spray it with medium-hold hair-spray.

11. Then I fix my hair the way I like. And my hair styling is over!

12. And in the end, I have my hair cut once every three months!

Anastasiia Kryzhanska /

Let’s admit that this girl’s example is really inspiring. She received about 800 comments on Reddit. This girl can be proud of her transformation and gorgeous curls!

Did you notice that the girl doesn’t even use towels, hair brushes, or hair irons? And the result is absolutely amazing, don’t you think?

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