Girl Returns To School After 15 Months Of Battling Cancer


Girl Returns To School After 15 Months Of Battling Cancer



The battle with a disease is a tough challenge for every person. And it is much more difficult for kids, who sometimes have to go through this hardship in their lives.

Bridget Kelley, an 8-year-old girl from Massachusetts, is one such child. She was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia in 2016, and since that time was having rounds of chemotherapy and surgeries. It was not an easy task for such a small girl, but she proved to be strong.

Her mom says that their family had to live in isolation for quite a long time. Nobody was allowed in the house as Bridget’s health condition required that. Her daughter understood that cancer is a serious disease, but it was rather hard for Bridget to stay at home all the time.

She wanted to go to school, visit dance classes, and go to friends’ birthday parties. She wanted to be like all the other kids.

CBS Boston / YouTube

CBS Boston / YouTube

And finally, this day has come. Hundreds of people gathered outside of Merrymount Elementary School to welcome Bridget, who was absent for 15 months while battling cancer. Initially, around 50 people were invited, but this number grew up to 150.

The girl was as happy as she has never been before. She saw her family, friends, and schoolmates welcome her back and could not believe that everything is over and she can live like everybody else.

Bridget raised her arms up to celebrate the victory. She will definitely remember this day for the rest of her life

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