Hoda Kotb Opens Up About Her Decision To Become Mom In Her 50s: 'Things Happen Right On Time'


Hoda Kotb Opens Up About Her Decision To Become Mom In Her 50s: 'Things Happen Right On Time'

In December 2017, Hoda Kotb made a surprise announcement by revealing that she has adopted a baby girl, Haley Joy. And some may think it was a brave decision to make, especially when you are 52 years old!

So how did she decide to become a mom?

Actually, the TV personality has always loved children and enjoyed spending time with her 2 nieces. When she moved in with her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, she opened up about her desire to have a child. And Joel was totally supportive, although he was in his late 50s as well.

Surely, Hoda had some worries when she realized she wanted a baby at such age. But now, she is 53, and she genuinely thinks that things happen right on time and all of her blessings seem to come later in life.

When she was 30, the journalist worried she had no husband and kids. When she got married, it did not work out. And then, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and everything was just falling apart.

But at 53, life seems perfect. Hoda wouldn’t trade any bad day she had after adopting Haley for all the good days she had had before. And she believes that everything happens when the universe is ready.

As she says:

Who would’ve thought at 53 I would have the thing I love the most in life? Like I’d be feeling new emotions? Now?

She still can’t believe she is a mom. In the night, Hoda often wakes up, pops up out of bed, and rushes to check her daughter. And each time, it feels like it’s Christmas morning.

What about marrying her boyfriend?

The Today show co-host says she has never teased a marriage. But she is lucky to have the right man in her life who is perfect for her. Schiffman is not only a great partner; he is also an unbelievably loving father:

He literally comes home and says, ‘Is she sleeping? Oh no, did I miss her?’

And Joel is also extremely supportive of everything Hoda does, including her latest project – a children’s book dedicated to baby girl Haley, "I’ve Loved You Since Forever."

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